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For your protection, DO NOT make a payment unless you have at least 100K on your account! See below for details.

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How it Works

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Minimum 100 K on account.

Please DO NOT make a payment unless you have at least 100K on your account. This is to ensure that your account does not get banned. To further minimize your risk of being banned, we recommend that you carry at least 2% of your intended purchase amount, e.g. 10M to buy 500M. Chips Town DOES NOT assume responsibility for banned accounts.

Electronic Payments


Secure checkout system.

We are an approved merchant. Click on the logo above for verification. Our bank-grade encrypted checkout page (SSL encryption) will ensure that your transaction is processed with utmost care. Just enter your information and contact us through live support for guidance on next steps. We do not keep your credit card or other personal information on our servers. Make sure that you see the green lock and HTTPS prefix on the checkout page.



The rest is easy…

Once our system notifies us that we received your payment, we will immediately initiate the transfer process. Payments are received instantly in most cases, and all you need to do is to click on Live Chat as soon as you make a payment. Our live support operators will provide you with detailed instructions on next steps. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes to complete the transfer.


What if I don't have 100K on my account?

Please do not purchase chips if you do not have 100K on your account. This is a simple precaution to protect your account from being banned. We DO NOT -under any circumstance, sell or transfer this initial 100K to you, which would almost guarantee your being banned. Beware of websites that DO NOT have such prerequisites, which might imply that they are simply after your money.

How do we make the chip transfer?

Once your payment is confirmed, our operator will direct you through the live chat on our site. He will let you know to which casino you need to go and at which table you need to sit, and then will guide you all throughout the game via our live chat.

Chip transfer is always made on NORMAL tables (not FAST). Until the 4th card is laid out on the table, you need to CHECK, then when our operator raises the pot, you need to CALL. Finally, when all 5 cards are down, you’ll go ALL-IN. When our operators PASS, the chips on his account will be transferred to you.

It is also advisable to FOLD every 2-3 hands for the security of your account, to minimize the risk of getting banned.

What is the maximum amount of chips I can buy when I have 100K on my account?

This is a matter of how risk tolerant you are. In our experience, it has not caused our customers any problems when we transferred them up to 250M with 100K already on their account, but this is no way is a guarantee that nothing will happen. Ideally, you’re supposed to have at least 2% of your intended purchase already on your account.

What is the ideal amount of chips I need to carry to not get banned?

Ideally, you must have at least 2% of your intended amount on your account, e.g. if you’d like to buy 1 Billion chips, you should better have 20M already on your account. This significantly minimizes your risk of being banned.

What if my account gets banned?

We take every measure to prevent that from happening, like the minimum 100K requirement above. The main provider and Facebook have their own policies on banning accounts. Chips Town DOES NOT assume any responsibility for such third-party actions.

Where are you located and what are your hours of operation?

We are located in Bremen, Germany and our hours of operation are 11:00 – 24:00 (Central European Time, UTC+1) seven days a week. However, we do our best to be online as much as possible even outside of these time windows.